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Jo Wilson picking her wave

Northumberland 2013 - Watching the Swell After our last trip to Tiree in the Hebrides, we’ve really got the winter wave bug here at ExPix. Low pressures creep up on the UK at this time of year bringing with them big swells and waves and everyone including the ExPix crew is watching those forecasts. An opportunity arose last week for ExPix to join Kitesurfers Dave (Ibby) Ibbertson, Jo Wilson and Paul Birr on the East Coast. Dave had been watching the forecast for a few days and gave us the thumbs up to join him and the others as they hit the Northumbria coast around Beadnell Bay.

With a 10 second period and a 4m swell, the whole of the east coast looked like it would deliver…. but Dave thought otherwise. Trying to convince people to go further North didn’t work and in the end there was only Dave Jo and Paul who took on the swell near Beadnell Bay. Low Newton provided the best of the conditions early in the day and whilst Beadnell looked like it would deliver the goods in the evening the angles were all wrong. Jo and Paul left an enthusiastic Dave to battle upwind and downwind to try and grab one of the big sets coming through, however this wasn’t to be and Dave had some fun on the inside on the smaller waves ….. check out the images here from the day.

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