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Big Waves at Gwithian

Straight of the back of the successful visit to Uist, and the Freshwake Event at Sheffield, the ExPix van is back on the road once more. After watching the forecast an early morning dash found us in the darkest depths of Cornwall at Gwithian. With huge sets coming in kitesurfers and windsurfers were having a ball on one of the best days this year. Will Bennet, Patrick Rebstock, James Ropner, Smiler Alex Hapgood, and a few others were killing it as the tide dropped off.
After a long day it was back to the van to start editing the images for Magazines.

The following day the forecast wind seemed to have blown itself out during the night. Being woken at 5am by raindrops sounding more like bombs was an experience to say the least. but never deterred by the weather we changed plans and met up with James and Patrick once more for an interview session about the Uist project. Whilst we were filming this the waves cleaned up at Tolcarne beach and the guys decided to go for a surf, with James filming from the water. Then it was a dash up to Westward Ho to catch up with some of the Pro riders and the British kitesurfing Championship Finals. On arrival it was clear that the pro freestylers were struggling with the very light winds. A few scenic shots taken and nothing much to shout home about.
The following morning was a  bit more of the same, a small wave saw several of the guys out on SUP's but no wind .... The evening brought with it an emense sunset and there are a few images from that session.

With a Southwest rial Bike Competition on the Sunday we missed some of the best surf in the UK for years, but the images were just as spectacular if a little different. Bikes, boulders, logs, streams and mud! made for some very action packed pictures. The guys even got out their 4x4's not just your average landrovers but big meaty custom built monsters. With one or two modifications these things can go almost anywhere and if they get stuck ..well.... a winch and an anchor is all they need. Pictures will be added soon..
After missing the surf in the morning it was a mad dash down to Croyde for the evening session, with plumes of spray rolling of the back of almost perfect waves we sat and watched the sunset over yet another action packed day ....when will it end?
Well not on Monday morning, the short trip down from Croyde to Daymer in Cornwall found Will Bennet and crew longboarding alongside some SUP's. The clean small 2 -3 ft waves were perfect for this and with the prospect of the Cribbar stil working (it had been firing for the last few days :-( ) It was another trip down to Newquay to check out the action.
Unfortunately the swell had droped off to much, the wave was breaking but didn't have enough size to make it rideable. So a few pics from Little Fistral, and a chat with photographer Si Crowther we headed off to meet old friends Layton and Andreya Wharry and hopefully grab a bed for the night. The forecast seems to have dropped for the time so a couple of days to re group, edit and write articles, meet people, talk and plan should see us back at it for the weekend when we visit South Wales for the Student Kitesurf, beginner Event Zero2 Hero.

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